Our client’s vision led us to transform an underutilized parking lot on their existing campus into a new LEED Platinum training facility. By acquiring approvals for a parking reduction and a Conditional Use Permit, the new facility was constructed on the existing campus, avoiding the need to develop virgin land or the need to acquire an additional off-site facility. The program of a hospitality-driven university type center gave birth to optimal settings for learning: an auditorium for training, pre-function space for dining and events, indoor and outdoor break-out spaces, and a collaborative workplace for the company’s media and training staff responsible for content development.
Today’s need for ever-changing and flexible classroom and learning environments was achieved through the use of steel moment-frame construction and universal planning strategies. Fluidity of collaboration is constantly coupled with transparent glass walls and panoramic views for all.
The LEED platinum design became a transparent heart for the property which engages the existing buildings and reveals the pulse of the campus as visitors move through the glazed circulation spaces. We strove to instill a new pride of place with a view toward the future, while managing performance requirements and communicating to all visitors, our client’s mission of absolute guest satisfaction.

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